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Home of The Bottle Tree Man: Dudley Pleasants

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We currently have 5 sizes: Super Bottle Tree, Wicked Bottle Tree, Large Bottle Tree, Small Bottle Bush, and the Baby Bottle Bush. You can read more about them by following the links in the menu above!

We also offer live Delta Blues Harmonica Blessing as an optional package to enhance your Bottle Tree or Bottle Bush.

Mississippi Roads

The Bottle Tree Man was on Mississippi Roads Episode 21006 on February 4th, click play to see the video excerpt below.

To order this episode on DVD or see more information click here.

Dudley Pleasants is a traditional guy. The Greenwood farmer describes himself as just a simple country boy but to the people of the Delta, he’s known as The Bottle Tree Man. About a dozen years ago, Dudley, a professional musician and welder, was asked by his wife to combine his artistic talents and make her a bottle tree. Well, it was then that Dudley discovered his new talent and before long he started his own business of making and selling bottle trees and now has sold more than 700 of them to folks across the nation. What started as a 'honey do' for his wife has now allowed Dudley to share this wonderful tradition with the world.

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